Net Deed Plotter Support/FAQ:

For license activation/deactivation support, please select our License Activation Support menu.

On this page is support for the following:

  • Using an add-in to launch Net Deed Plotter from Microsoft.Word
  • Pasting a description directly into Net Deed Plotter.
  • Update information for versions 5.62, 5.61 and 5.60.
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  • Older Deed Plotter update history.

Note:  Version 5.62 of Net Deed Plotter can replace valid and currently activated versions 5.60 and 5.61 without altering the computers activation status.  (All three versions use an interchangeable 8 digit LicenseID and a password.) 

If you cannot resolve support here, clicking the support button below will provide a support form to submit.

Add-in Support:

(Note: At the end of this Support page, Add-in support for older versions remain, but add-in information that may help with versions 5.60 and later is added here.)

As newer versions of the Windows operating system and Microsoft Word are released, Word Add-ins provided by Greenbrier Graphics, LLC may (though not often) fail to launch Net Deed Plotter.

Greenbrier Graphics, LLC has designed a new Net deed Plotter Add-in that is available in v5.62 of Net Deed Plotter* (released May 24, 2019).  If you are using v5.62 and this new Net Deed Plotter add-in is not installed, you can install it by selecting the Install “Word Add-in” menu option from the “Setup” menu.  The new add-in determines if your version of Microsoft Word is 32 bit or 64 bit and attempts to install an add-in accordingly.
*Version 5.62 of Net Deed Plotter can replace valid and currently activated versions 5.60 and 5.61 without altering the computers activation status.  (All three versions use an interchangeable 8 digit LicenseID and a password.) 

Beginning with version 5.0 of Net Deed Plotter, an alternate method to attempt ‘Deed Conversion’ was added for those who cannot use the add-in.  That method does not depend on the add-in and is as follows:

  1. Open or create a document that has a legal description in Microsoft Word or other suitable word processor.
  2. Select (Highlight) the legal description.  (same step you would have taken if using the add-in)
  3. Instead of attempting to use the add-in, copy the legal description.  (copy directly to clipboard)
  4. You no longer need Word (or other word processor) to complete the following steps.
  5. Open (launch) Net Deed Plotter.
  6. Paste the legal description directly into the Deed Call Editor of Net Deed Plotter.  (the pasted text may look unusual because there will be no “word wrap”.)
  7. Open the Edit menu, and select the “Legal Description to Deed Calls” menu option.
  8. Deed calls should have appeared in the Deed Call Editor.  (if not, the description was not recognizable to Net Deed Plotter, and you cannot continue the remaining steps.)
  9. Attempt to draw the map using the Draw Map menu option or other accepted drawing  method.
  10. As always, whether or not the map draws, you must examine (proof check) the conversion process for possible Deed Conversion problems.  (Deed Conversion protocol requirements in the manual may help with this.)

Version 5.62 Update Information:

Version 5.62 (current version) of Net Deed Plotter (released and posted for download May 24, 2019) is a minor update.  The notable changes are as follows:

  1. Designed a new Add-in to launch Net Deed Plotter directly from Microsoft Word.  This add-in can be installed directly from Net Deed Plotter.  The option to do this is found in the Setup Menu of the Deed Call Editor.  For more information, please refer to Add-in Support.
  2. Updated relevant Manual and Help Topics based on changes in this update and on the appreciated feedback from our users.
  3. The Table of Contents have been moved near the top of the manual for quick access, and clicking on a topic heading in the Table of Contents will cause that topic to scroll into view.
  4. Updated the license and activation functionally and implemented a newer version.  The licenseID’s, Passwords, and basic procedures are the same as used with versions 5.60 and 5.61 of Net Deed Plotter.  Versions 5.60, 5.61, and 5.62 all remain compatible relative to License ID’s or Passwords.  Net Deed Plotter will go online as needed to remotely activate, deactivate, and check/update status of license activations. 
  5. Permit Net Deed Plotter to seek a different version of the Microsoft Net Framework if it cannot find the targeted one.
  6. Selecting Help “About Deed Plotter” will show an InstallationID.  This may help identify activations relative to particular computers.  See license support at our website for more information.  (Do not confuse this with the LicenseID, CustomerID, or a discontinued Installation ID that was used only in an older version of Net Deed Plotter.)

Version 5.60 version 5.61 Update Information:

(Major license management update of Net Deed Plotter® (to version 5.60), as released and posted for download on 03-06-15)

The v5.60 and later changes relative to license management are discussed in the License Support topic at this website.  That topic contains important information and advice.  You will learn how to handle activation, deactivation, moving licenses, adding licenses and more.  Please refer to that topic.

In addition to license management, two minor changes were made beginning with Net Deed Plotter, v5.60 and a minor change for v5.61.

1. Fixed bug that, in some cases, resulted in the date and title needing reset in the title box.
2. Added command in setup in an attempt to cause Windows file associations to always open a ndp file by clicking on it.
3. Posted v5.61 to make minor grammatical changes and an internal change to .exe file.  (Though not necessary, v5.61 may be downloaded to replace v5.60 at no additional charge if you are a currently registered, licensed user of version 5.60.)

Frequently Asked Technical Questions:

As we support our customers over the years, we notice certain common questions that cannot be made visible enough in the manual to catch every customer’s eye.  So, before you call, always refer to this topic to see if your answer is given here.  If you do call, please be at your computer and ready to run Deed Plotter.  It is important to provide us with your version of Deed Plotter.  Unless you are using an old DOS version, the version can be found by selecting “About Deed Plotter” from the “Help” Menu.  You are now ready to explain the details concerning your issue.


Q1:  How do I enter a deed call of “east 153 feet”?  This question applies to north, south, east, and west and any distance.
A1:  See Cardinal Directions in manual. Be careful when deciding whether calls are valid cardinal directions or are actually defective.  “East 153 feet” can be entered as “n90e 153.”  Our new Version 5 of Deed Plotter (Net Deed Plotter) will accept the direct entry of a cardinal direction.  “East 153” can be entered as “e 153”.

Q2:  How do I enter a deed call of “southwesterly about 135 feet”? This question applies to any vague direction or distance.
A2:  You don’t. No person or program can solve a deed that has several bad deed calls. Reject worthless descriptions.  Do keep in mind that Deed Plotter may solve some descriptions that have a defect.

Q3:  How do I place Deed Calls on the boundary lines or Circle the Corners of a tract?
A3:  To place deed calls on the boundary lines, first you select (activate) the tract then click on the Show Deed Calls icon.  The Lines Menu provides a sub-menu for circling corners.  To select a tract, simply place the mouse in it and click the left mouse button.

Q4:  How do I move the tracts (and text) relative to the paper?
A4:  It is important to read the manual & help topics that pertain to this.  For multiple tracts, the value you place after the ‘@’ is important.  “@0” is often the correct choice. Basically, tract movement is achieved by selecting the tract to be moved, then click the Translate (Move Tracts) icon.  The tract(s) will now move with the mouse if the Left Mouse Button is down.

Q5:  How do I hide some of the deed calls for a tract in my printout?
A5:  There are two methods to do this if the call is not a curve.  You can double click on the line that is to not be labeled.  This will toggle the call on or off.  You can also select the corner at the beginning of the line that is to not be labeled, then select the hide (or show) deed call option in the Limes Menu.  The latter method also works for curves.

Q6:  How do I properly offset a tract that has deed calls before the “True Point of Beginning”?
A6:  Place a slash mark ( “/” ) in front of those calls that offset the true P.O.B.  There are several examples of this in the manual and a brief example on this Web Page (below) .

Q7:  Why will the editor not accept a rectangular formatted tract? (Example= “north 100 feet of the southwest of the northwest…”)
A7:  It will.   In this particular case, do not place “@0” on this or the preceding line. You are probably confusing this with a metes and bounds reference to a standard section. The example above would be entered as “n100,sw,nw,5,3n,4e.” (We assumed standard section 5, 3 north, 5 east.)  The <ENTER> key would be pressed after this entry to expand the calls to an equivalent metes and bounds description.

A metes and bounds tie to a section would begin with a ‘/’ mark. The following example entry ties a simple metes and bounds tract to a section corner. The “/s34.01e 200” is a call to the true point of beginning.  Ignore this example if you don’t have calls to the True Point of Beginning, and you are not working with standard government sections.

“@0” would precede cases like the following example, IF it was not the first tract entered, AND it was not a rectangular formatted tract.
/s34.01e 200

n0e 100
n90e 200
n90w 100

(Note:  The Add-in information below may not pertain to our new Deed Plotter version 5.
See additional Add-in discussion at beginning of this Support topic.)

Q8  How do I prevent a “Create Process Failed” error when attempting Deed Conversion using Microsoft Word?
A8:  This relatively rare problem is associated with networking and there is more than one solution.  The error is caused by MS Word not being able to find and launch Deed Plotter.  One solution offered by our customers was as follows:

  1. Make the user an administrator on the computer that fails to launch Deed Plotter.
  2. Uninstall Deed Plotter, and then reinstall Deed Plotter while logged in as this user.
  3. Test the result.  If desired, you can now remove the administrator rights of this user.

Q9:  Why does the “Deed Plotter+” menu option not appear in the “Tools” menu bar of MS Word?
A9:  First be certain that Deed Plotter was installed (or re-installed) AFTER MS Word was installed.  If you are using Deed Plotter+ for Windows, and the problem persists, be certain our GW98.wll file is in the MS Word startup folder.  This problem can also be caused by other MS Word Add Ins interfering with ours.

Q10:  When using an older version of Deed Plotter in Windows XP, I am getting a “Spaces on left or not left justified” error message.
A10:  If you have determined you are entering the data correctly, but the message persists, your version of Deed Plotter may have been designed before Windows XP became popular.  The error may not show for months or even years.  Version 4.20 (and version 5) of Deed Plotter was designed to eliminate this error.  Version 4.20 of Deed Plotter also works on most older Windows platforms.  (Version 4.xx is no longer available.  You may want to purchase version 5.)

Q11:  How do I create a PDF copy of a map I made using Net Deed Plotter?
A11:  A PDF writer was considered for Net Deed Plotter, but not added because there are several available online.  Some are free, and there are others that are very affordable.  If you need a PDF writer, we suggest one that behaves somewhat like a printer.  You then have the option to simply select a PDF “Print” menu option.  Some versions have unwanted advertising etc. embedded, but this can be avoided by paying a reasonable fee.

 History below is previous update information:
(Dates, information, versions, version sequence, etc. may have errors)

Most of the history and information below remains from older posts made before March 2015.  Some of that information, including activations/deactivations and general license management, may no longer apply.  (History prior to 2008 is not included.)

The older versions of Deed Plotter®; including Deed Plotter+®, Deed Plotter Series II, and Deed Plotter+® Series III, were designed for DOS. The remaining versions of Deed Plotter (Deed Plotter+ for Windows & Net Deed Plotter) were designed for Windows.  In addition to these major releases, many minor updates for them were released.  We no longer provide DOS versions or out-of-date Windows versions.

(First minor update of Net Deed Plotter (Deed Plotter, v5), as posted for download on 02-04-08.)

  • Fixed problem with the printing of hatched (shaded) tracts.
  • Added the ability to use the numeric key pad for quick entry of deed calls.
  • Modified rotation to permit quick and easy rotation by using Page Keys and Arrow Keys.
  • Fixed problem concerning the printing of a range of pages.
  • Made improvements to Deed Conversion.
  • Changed default registry and file paths to conform with Vista recommendations.

(Second minor update of Net Deed Plotter, as posted for download on 02-14-08 at 4:00 PM EST.)

  • Improved compatibility on 64 bit systems.  (important for users of Vista Ultimate)
  • Improved Deed Conversion.

(Third minor update of Net Deed Plotter, as posted for download on 03-12-08 at 2:30 PM EDT.)

  • This is a very minor update that uses a new form to explain and simplify license activation.
    If you have the “02-14-08” version, you may not need to update unless you want the new license activation process.

(Fourth minor update of Net Deed Plotter, as posted for download on 03-26-08 at 6:00 PM EDT.)

  • No changes to Net Deed Plotter code, but added a “Getting Started” menu option in the Help menu, and changed information concerning license activation (very minor update).  If you have the “02-14-08” version or later, you may not need to update unless you want the new license activation process.

(Fifth minor update of Net Deed Plotter, as posted for download on 04-09-08 at 5:40 PM EDT.)

  • No changes to Net Deed Plotter code, but changed introduction of “Getting Started” as found in the Help menu, and changed information concerning sources for optional image files (very minor update).  If you have the “02-14-08” version or later, you may not need to update.

(Sixth minor update of Net Deed Plotter, as posted for download on 04-23-08 at 5:05 PM EDT.)

  • Changed code in Net Deed Plotter to fix labeling of delta along certain curved lines on the map.
  • Changed code to enable the new name of a file to show in the data box without reopening the file.
  • Made minor changes to Help and Getting Started.  (Explain moving license in Help.)

(Seventh update of Net Deed Plotter, as posted for download on 05-22-08 at 7:20 PM EDT.)

There are no critical issues; however, this update is significant enough to warrant downloading regardless of your current version of Net Deed Plotter.

  • Deed Conversion now accepts a rare, unusual degree symbol found in some descriptions.
  • Improved single digit entry of bearings.  (In rare cases Net Deed Plotter would not accept entry of a single digit for degrees in the bearing.)

(Eighth update of Net Deed Plotter, as posted for download on 08-18-08 at 7:02 PM EDT.)

This update is significant enough to warrant downloading regardless of your current version of Net Deed Plotter.

  • Fixed labeling of the minutes and seconds symbols on printout.
  • Now allows the slash (/) to also be used on cardinal directions that precede the true POB.
  • Prevent coloring/hatching from including POB calls in the fill process.
  • Fixed problem related to certain interior angles.
  • Added information in Help files pertaining to finding digital maps. 

(Ninth (V5.30) & Tenth (V5.31) update of Net Deed Plotter as posted for download on 03-23-09 at 10:48 AM EDT.)

Version 5.30 is a very significant (major) update and results from the first year of feedback from users of Net Deed Plotter.
There are 12 improvements.  There will be a $100 fee to update from v5.xx to v5.40 or later.

  1. Contains all changes made in previous versions.
  2. Can directly paste the map to the clipboard.
  3. Added a “Right Click” (cut, copy, paste) context menu for use with the Deed Call Editor.
  4. Added a MRU (Most Recently Used) list to the File menu.
  5. Can now open a background image and/or draw with mouse without first placing calls in the editor.
  6. Uses special crosshair when drawing with mouse.  Provides more precision and reminds user mouse is being used.
  7. Curve Editor will compute an unknown radius if adequate data is given.
  8. Can move from field to field in the curve editor by using TAB, ENTER, or UP/DOWN Arrow keys.
  9. Caret (In Deed Call Editor) moves to next line when Curve Editor Data is accepted.
  10. Startup of Net Deed Plotter is faster because printer information is saved.
  11. Made several improvements to Deed Conversion.
  12. Created v5.31 on 03-23-09 to add requested change that permits showing distance only on a deed call line.

(Eleventh update of Net Deed Plotter as posted for download on 04-16-09 at 3:18 PM EDT.)

  • Permits color coding for tract lines (not tract color) if there are “Keeps and Exceptions.”  See “Keeps and Exceptions” topic in the “Multiple Tracts” Help topic for more information.
  • Made several improvements to Deed Conversion.

(Twelfth update of Net Deed Plotter as posted for download on 05-12-09 at 5:02 PM EDT.)

This update (Version 5.35) is significant enough to warrant downloading for those who do Deed Conversion.

(Major update of Net Deed Plotter (to version 5.40), as posted for download on 05-18-09 at 3:05 PM EDT.)

(Updated to 5.41 on May 20, 2009 to improve X64 installations using 32 bit installer.)

(Updated to 5.42 on September 01, 2009 to improve Deed Conversion, and to permit pasting deed calls & coordinates into Excel.)
(The upload, mastering and posting for version 5.42 was 02-04-2011.)

Important:  The version 5.42 update/upgrade contains all improvements of previous releases and a significant change in the licensing system.  Version 5.42 improved Deed Conversion, permitted pasting deed-calls/coordinates into Excel.  (Also installs well in Windows 7)

(Minor update of Net Deed Plotter® (to version 5.50), as posted for download on 06-11-13 at 12:47 pm)

  1. The manual can now be opened from within the Help Menu.
  2. As per customer requests, the tract(s) will no longer automatically re-center, but re-scaling remains.  This is to avoid unwanted changes in the relative position of text on the map.
  3. Permits older version “.des” file extensions to be upper or lower case.
  4. When the Mouse is near a line, its shape will change to an upper arrow in normal map mode.  When you are scaling distances with the mouse, remember that the mouse senses a corner or line if only near one.  You must visually move the mouse to a more exact position.
  5. As per customer requests, when using automatic Deed Conversion™, a hyphen can now be used between the degrees and minutes, and the minutes and seconds.  This is not relevant to the manual entry of deed calls.
  6. The maximum deed calls per file has been increased to 5000, the number of tracts to 500, and the number of lines with mouse to 300.
  7. As per customers request, the next default text font type, size, and style within any file will be the same as the last font created.  This persists even if the file is closed and reopened, but does not effect any other file or previous font with a given file.
  8.  New Internet license De-Activation options are now available.  This was always possible, but is now easier. You should de-activate (save) your license if the computer is to be modified, re-imaged, or moved (re-activated) to another computer.
  9. The method of creating custom geo-reference files (World files) has changed significantly.  This is a detailed topic explained in “Net Deed Plotter Help.”  To find it, select “Net Deed Plotter Help” from the Help Menu, then select the “Creating TFW and JGW files” sub-topic from the “Background Image” topic.  (This is not explained in the manual.)