Explaining Analyze Tract

Greenbrier Graphics Deed Plotter analyzing description and map showing results.

The images shown above demonstrate the Analyze Tract feature. This feature, if needed, is used in an attempt to find a faulty deed call in a metes and bounds legal description.  For this example we used the description on the home page. We purposely reversed one of the deed calls and drew the map. It is now obviously disfigured” and has an error.  (It is the red map on the left image.)

To attempt a solution, the tract is made active by clicking the mouse in the tract and selecting the Analyze Tract Icon at the top of the screen. Solutions, if found, will be offered. In this case there was only one solution, and it was accepted.  (It is the image on the right.)
It is important to consider any alternative solutions that may be offered.

In all cases Analyze Tract is a last resort, and the results need to be confirmed. It is possible for a solution to be found that looks good but is not correct. Nonetheless analyzing a tract can sometimes be very helpful.  Our Help topics and the  manual discusses analyzing tracts, and generally, they provide other important information.