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surveying software mapping deed plotter plotting map drawing metes bounds patent patents land grants survey plat plats deed checking tract acreage property line title company land survey real estate law lawyer assessor assessors topo topo mapssurveying software mapping deed plotter plotting map drawing metes bounds patent patents land grants survey plat plats deed checking tract acreage property line title company land survey real estate law lawyer assessor assessors topo topo maps

License Activation Support

Under Construction

Net Deed Plotter v5.62 was released (May 24, 2019).
The v5.60, v5.61 & v5.62 licenses ID & passwords are 
interchangeable.  A current valid license/activation status does not change if version 5.62 replaces v5.60 or v5.61.

The process of managing licenses, including activating and deactivating, beginning with version 5.60 of Net Deed Plotter changed significantly.

If you currently are a licensed, registered customer and your most recent activation number began with "379" (an 18 digit number) or "397" (a 15 digit number) then you are using version 5.5 or earlier (older) of Net Deed Plotter.   (Users of version 5.5 or older are referred to the "Updating Older Versions of Net Deed Plotter" discussion below.)

The LicenseID and password you used to activate or reactivate version 5.6 and later never change except in rare cases*.  There is no need to get a new LicenseID or password.  Of course, you should first deactivate the license on the computer(s) that are no longer used.  (The Deactivate License menu option is in the Net Deed Plotter Help menu.)   If you have a new computer, you would use the same LicenseID and password that was used on the the previous (no longer used) computer.  (*one exception is some users may have purchased multiple licenses and, in some cases, have more than one LicenseID & password.)  Deactivation of a license on a particular computer does not cause deactivations to occur on other computers even if they all share the same LicenseID & password. 

If you have version 5.60 or later and lost your LicenseID and/or password, you will see an option to recover them by clicking on the "Customer License Portal" below.  This portal can also be used to determine other activation data (The License Portal cannot be used with version 5.5 or earlier.) 

Updating Older Versions of Net Deed Plotter:

Trying to  activate v5.60 or later with the outdated activation numbers that began with "379" or "397" will result in an error.  Trying to  activate v5.50 or older with the newer 8 digit LicenseID will also result in an error.  If the version you are trying to activate does not ask for a password, then you are trying to activate an outdated version (v5.50 or older).  

The 18 digit Internet Activation number beginning with 379 and the 15 digit Internet Activation number beginning with 397 are no longer used.
  (Version 5.60 and later uses an 8 digit LicenseID that begins with a '6', and uses a password.
  IF your version of Net Deed Plotter uses the 15 or 18 digit internet Activation number and will no longer run, you may want to download version 5.62.  This will enable a 30 day trial (evaluation) to run.  During this trial period our currently licensed, valid users may contact Greenbrier Graphics to request a v5.62 License ID and Password.  (Since March 2015, many of our customers who had v5.5 or older have already updated to version 5.60 or later; therefore, support may be avoided if you check with your IT, management, or other relevant personnel to see if our v5.6 licensing data is already available to you.)

If you download version 5.60 or later to a computer that has never had v5.60 or later on it, a screen with three options will appear each time you use our software.  You will notice (in small print) any days remaining during a trial period, and where relevant, the ability to visit our website, or visit our license support topic specifically.  If you select the purchase option, a shopping cart will appear permitting you to purchase one or more licenses.

If you have a license ID and password and are ready to activate online, preferably you will use the “Activate Net Deed Plotter online” option.  To activate, you would enter your license ID and password**.  (See discussion on securing and maintaining password at end of this page.)

The option to “Activate From Another Computer” should be used only as a last resort.  When that option is selected, you will be have an option to print the steps involved.  This will help guide you through the process.  Basically, you will carefully enter your license ID & password.  (If you entered incorrect values, you may not realize it immediately.)  Continuing as indicated will result in a "HTML" ActivationFile.htm being saved.  You need to take that file to a computer that has access to the Internet.  The printable instructions will explain how to create an ActivationFile.reg.  This file (same name except different extension) can be returned to the offline computer so as to finish the offline activation process. 

The Activation License Number (License ID) and password provided when you first purchased a v5.60 license or later is essential for deactivation, reactivation, altering a computer, moving (transferring) licenses to a different computer etc.  (There is no Manual Activation method.)

The intent of Internet Activating is to enable the registered, licensed customer(s) to maintain and use Net Deed Plotter without depending on Greenbrier Graphics, LLC. That intent is defeated when the Activation numbers are not kept and used as needed.  Your License ID  and password must be kept.

If you are no longer going to use Net Deed Plotter on a certain computer, it is important you first deactivate the license. To do this, see our MOVING LICENSE link herein.


One advantage of activating by Internet is to enable the customer to keep Net Deed Plotter functioning with minimal downtime. (Manual activations are not used.)
As previously indicated, it is important to "Park" (Deactivate) licenses before moving Net Deed Plotter, imaging, cloning, replacing, repairing, changing operating system, or in any manner modifying a computer that has a current usable and valid Net Deed Plotter activation.
The MOVING LICENSE link will explain how to "Park" (Deactivate) any license(s) before an activation is permanently lost.  The responsibility of preserving activations (deactivating as needed.) is mentioned in the license agreement, and failing to do so may result in a support charge.


Greenbrier Graphics, LLC keeps its latest version of Net Deed Plotter [NDP] online in the Order/Download topic.  (Reactivation charges for licensed NDP users are subject to change without notice.  There might be license activation/deactivation circumstances that may permit a free or reduced price activation for certain licensed NDP users.)

Be certain you no longer wish to use the license on the computer that has Net Deed Plotter activated.
(When reactivating or activating on another computer you will need your v5.60 or later license ID and password.)
Start Net Deed Plotter.
Select the Help menu.
Select Deactivate License.
Click OK to deactivate.
Start Net Deed Plotter on the computer that is to be activated and select the activation option.

**(Note: The LicenseID and password are generated for you by a server hosted and maintained by Concept Software, Inc.  Use of a random generated password is advised by the host of  "Solo Server".  If you choose to not use a random generated password, we suggest you create and use another unique password.  In either case the use should be for our software only.  You should keep your license ID and password safe and private in a secure place.  We recommend keeping a paper record of them in the event your computer fails.) 

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