surveying software mapping deed plotter plotting map drawing metes bounds patent patents land grants survey plat plats deed checking tract acreage property line title company land survey real estate law lawyer assessor assessors topo topo maps Deed Plotter® Software by Greenbrier Graphics.
 Map drawing software for real estate professionals.

surveying software mapping deed plotter plotting map drawing metes bounds patent patents land grants survey plat plats deed checking tract acreage property line title company land survey real estate law lawyer assessor assessors topo topo mapsspacersurveying software mapping deed plotter plotting map drawing metes bounds patent patents land grants survey plat plats deed checking tract acreage property line title company land survey real estate law lawyer assessor assessors topo topo maps
surveying software mapping deed plotter plotting map drawing metes bounds patent patents land grants survey plat plats deed checking tract acreage property line title company land survey real estate law lawyer assessor assessors topo topo maps

Greenbrier Graphics, LLC frequently receives comments about its Deed Plotter® program, manual, and technical support. Those shown below are just a few typical representations.

(June 2013)

Mr. Paul McClung

Greenbrier Graphics, LLC


Dear Paul,

 It was with great trepidation that I tried the new Net Deed Plotter, as I have been using the older Deed Plotter, and its Windows version since 1985.  The first copy that I purchased came on a 5 ¼” floppy, so I really qualify as an “old dog”, and was fearful of a newer, improved version.

I was very surprised at the ease of navigation and the simplicity of use.  In addition to making outstanding maps and exhibits with statistics, the MERGE function, which always gave me trouble, became a joy to use and I quickly started to experiment the proper placement of partitioned lots.


Thanks Again,

Paul Jackson

(October 2010)
Hello Paul:

I think this is my third copy of Deed Plotter. First one was for DOS I believe, and I still have the one for Win 3.1. Haven't needed to use Deed Plotter for a while, and was worried that you folks might not still be around. It was a relief to find your site still up and a new version for XP & later. Installing the new version was a bit like running into an old friend.

I am and oil and gas landman and currently have a job in which Deed Plotter is indispensable.  I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate you keeping it available.

Thanks again for keeping Deed Plotter up to date and making it easier to use. A friend loaned me a copy of Muncy's Plat Pronto to try, and I find it is not capable of doing the things I need to do.

John Oler

(June 2010)


Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product.  I have used Deed Plotter since the early 90's when I purchased my copy at a trade show in Reno NV.  I guess it was time to upgrade so I could comtinue to use it with Windows XP.  Keep up the good work.

Bill (William Boyle)

(December, 2009)

Dear Mr. McClung,
I am satisfied that your program is the finest available anywhere in the world today.
I am assured by many other professionals that your program cannot be matched.
I have also been assured that you are a man of honor and that you have a reputation for wonderful customer support and service.
These testimonials and references to you show you are a professional and man of tremendous integrity.
Respectfully Yours,
Mike Bishop

(February 27, 2009)


I was very satisfied with Deed Plotter and was even more impressed with Net Deed Plotter.
Thanks for your hard efforts and such a fine product.

Mike Shelton

Atoka Operating

(February, 2009)

Paul, thanks. I did in fact download the Net Deed Plotter when I completed my order.  I was still using the old 1998 version with great success but yet obvious limitations.  I've used this software since the early 1990s - my first version came on a 3.5" floppy disk - and continue to find it a superior value.


(This refers to Net Deed Plotter and was received January 25, 2009)

I want to express my deep gratitude for your wonderful program and the incredible customer service that comes with it.  I have used your program, as well as others, in my work as a landman in the Barnett Shale, and I have always had the best experiences with Greenbriar. 

Specifically, the maps draw out better than with other programs I have used, they print better, which makes for happier clients!, and when I get stumped on a deed call or something else that doesn't make sense to me, Paul has been invaluable in helping me complete the drawings.  I have not had that experience with any other software.  It's well worth the money and its my go-to program for making accurate, presentation-worthy drawings for my clients.

Thanks so much!

Lacey Perkins

All set.  Thank you very much for your help!  By the way, I love your program!  I had been using the Deed Plotter for Windows for 2 years.  Just for fun, I went to your website and discovered you had a new version 5 out, so I downloaded and started using that.  I really liked the changes so I talked to the abstractor/ register of deeds, who I work for, and she approved upgrading the software to the new version.  My job here in Montcalm County is to do the abstracting work for individuals and some title companies requiring searches on properties for sales, refis, etc.  Your program has made it so much quicker and easier to draw out a legal description and to check how other legal descriptions lie in relation to my parcel or to see if they overlap each other.  Your product has been especially helpful in a new development area in our largest municipal area.  In that area we have legal descriptions that are a page or two long with several legal descriptions being very close.  Your product has made it much easier for me to keep track of all of these parcels while doing the searches for even more new development in the area. 

Thank you again and have a great day!

  Barb Udell

   Montcalm County Abstract Office

Dear Greenbrier Graphics:

About two years ago, I purchased a Deed Plotter+ for Windows program from you. Although I have no experience or training in surveying or law, I have been able to accurately plot and locate several tracts of land for me as well as family members and friends. Deed Plotter+ is so user-friendly that I plotted and mapped my first deed within a few minutes of installing it on my computer.

One of my favorite features is the ability to change the scale of the map so readily. I find that, when used in conjunction with a topographical map, Deed Plotter+ makes finding the correct location of corners effortless. Thank you for providing such an outstanding tool, and please feel free to use this letter for promotional purposes.


Larry D. Ewing

I have been a satisfied customer with Deed Plotter for many years. Utilizing it in all types of valuation situations, it has become a tool on which I can rely. Prior to using Deed Plotter, I had experience with other software packages. I found Deed Plotter far superior to those products. It is easy to learn and use. The software is comprehensive in scope and is the best package of this type I have ever seen. Recently I purchased two additional packages for our appraisal staff.

John L. Carroll, Assistant Manager
Howard Hanna Real Estate Appraisal Services
Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Greenbrier Graphics,

As the State Surveyor for the Mississippi Department of Transportation, and thereby a state employee, an endorsement of a particular product would have been inappropriate.  However, now that I have returned to the private sector, I would like to commend you on your fine product, its simplicity, and easy learning curve.  While I was at the MDOT, we purchased 80 copies.  The widespread use of this software by the Professional Surveyors, Survey Technicians, and real estate employees, greatly reduced the amount of description errors at the source of the documents.  The cost of your software is negated with the discovery of the first description error, BEFORE it leaves our office.  Therefore, it is with pleasure, I am ordering a new copy for my desktop.


Richard T. Tolbert, PLS

Thought I would drop you a note to let you know we are still are still using your deed-plotting package (more than 6 years now). We are a mapping company that specializes in cadastral (property) mapping projects for city and county governments. Each technician can "COGO" more than 300 deeds daily utilizing your Deed Plotter plus software package. It continues to be the fastest and simplest for entering deed or subdivision descriptions and for merging multiple tracts when the need arises. We like the fact that you optionally can enter bearings and distances from the numeric keypad, as well as the conventional method. This is, by far, the fastest method for us, as each person can enter 300+ descriptions per day. We like many features of the software including the ability to save files with a DXF format, having a choice of quickly changing scales, and also turning calls on and off on each Cogo plot.

Continue the updated versions of your software, as it is pleasing to know that you are always enhancing the package to meet the ever-changing requirements. If you have a customer that needs to verify the features and ease of use, let them give us a call because it is our daily "COGO" package.

Nancy James Sullivan of KIMBALL METES & BOUNDS, INC.

The letter that follows was sent directly to an attorney from an attorney who has Deed Plotter.

With respect to your inquiry about the deed plotter program I use with deeds: This was purchased from Greenbrier Graphics, LLC, 438 Lockbridge Road, Meadow Bridge, WV 25976. I have used this program for a number of years and have found it to be very useful, VERY easy to use, and reasonably priced. It is, indeed, Windows based.

The telephone number for Greenbrier Graphics is [304] 484-7034. I have always found the folks at that end of the line to be helpful and competent. I would give this program an absolutely unqualified recommendation. I would also note that we have found more than a few mistakes (our and others) using this program with its ruthless accuracy.

Very Truly Yours,
Richard L. Bushman

In Professional Surveyor Magazine (Vol. 20, Number 8-September 2000), Mr. Joseph Bell, the magazine's software review editor, published a review of Deed Plotter.

In that review, Mr. Bell demonstrated that, though Deed Plotter is designed for those with no surveying background, it could prove very useful to surveyors.

Five months after that review was published, the following comments were received from Mr. Bell:

Dear Paul,

I worked for seven months for a private engineering firm. I was assured that all boundaries were closed by irrefutable AutoCAD routines. By using your program, I found that they rarely closed. Thereafter, I checked all deeds with your program and found that it was easier, faster, gave a picture and more importantly gave an area and an analysis. I even checked my own deeds. You may quote me. Every surveyor should use Deed Plotter+ as an independent check on his legal descriptions. If it saves one bad legal from going out and tarnishing your reputation as a careful, conscientious surveyor, it is worth ten times the price.

Thank you for your kind words. I think I did not say enough about the programs value.

Joe Bell

(January 14, 2004)

Mr. Paul McClung, LLS
Greenbrier Graphics, LLC
438 Lockbridge Road
Meadow Bridge, WV 25976

Dear Mr. McClung:

The Idaho Transportation Department is in the process of mandating legal descriptions of highway right of way parcels be submitted to the Department in compliance with Deed Plotter.

We desire to incorporate the requirements for Deed Plotter to convert legal descriptions in a word processing program to a Deed Plotter map in our Design Manual requirements for project development.

To accomplish this and insure the accuracy of the requirements that we desire to publish in our Design Manual, we are requesting written permission to quote verbatim such portions of your copyrighted "User Manual" as we find necessary or useful to fully explain these requirements to both our in house staff and fee consultants. In all instances that we utilize your material, you will be given full credit as the source.

My staff and I have found Deed Plotter to be a great product to QA/QC descriptions. In this regard, a reply to the above request would be most helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call.

Very truly yours,

Andrew B. White
Senior Right of Way Agent (titles) Right of Way Section
Boise, Idaho 83707-1129

This email to Greenbrier Graphics, LLC was received January 29, 2007.  Ron Wallace, a registered surveyor in Texas, had typed a 25 page legal description into Microsoft Word that needed a verification of closure and the area calculated.  He copied the legal description from MS Word and pasted it into Deed Plotter, then he used our Deed Conversion option to automatically search out 503 deed calls.  The data and a map were quickly produced without retyping any data into Deed Plotter.  His comments follow:

A client of ours needed metes and bounds descriptions for several easements that ran along the installed utilities and had varying widths, line segments and curves (tangential and non-tangential), thus resulting in one easement alone having five hundred and three deed calls crossing through our tract! We purchased Greenbrier Graphics' "Deed Plotter for Windows", and after typing up the metes and bounds description, we ran it through the program and had our closure report in less than five minutes. You can no doubt figure that to have "hand entered" the courses it would have taken longer, not to mention the possibility for human error that weighs in with each keystroke. Deed Plotter for Windows is a proven asset to our "survey toolbox".

Ron L. Wallace, R.P.L.S.

Baseline Land Surveyors, Inc.

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