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Net Deed Plotter® (Version 5 of Deed Plotter®) is designed for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10.  We always provide our latest version.

Net Deed Plotter comes with a user friendly pdf Manual and a 12 page "Getting Started" tutorial arranged in an easy-to-use format.

Simply print the "Getting Started" tutorial (select it in the Help menu) then refer to the manual and help topics to see how easy Net Deed Plotter is to use.

The price of your first Net Deed Plotter® license remains only $200.  *Additional licenses, for use by full time (W2 wages) employees at a single location, are discounted based on quantity.
Net deed Plotter does NOT expire annually.  (No annual subscription fee)  Pricing structure is subject to change without notice.

Try Net Deed Plotter® for 30 days with no obligation to purchase.

Simply use the link (below) to download a full working copy of Net Deed Plotter.

(You will then have an option to purchase a license or activate a previously purchased license directly from a form that appears during and after the evaluation/trial period.)

IMPORTANT:  If you are currently a registered licensee of Net Deed Plotter version 5.50 or earlier (first digit of your activation # was a "3" and it was 15 digits or 18 digits long), please refer to the License/Activation Support topic on this website before downloading.  Version 5.60 and later all use an 8 digit License ID (first digit is a "6".) & a password.

Valid licenseID's & passwords are interchangeable in versions 5.60, 5.61, and 5.62.  A valid current activation status on your computer(s) will not be affected if 5.62 replaces 5.60 or 5.61.)

Please click the button below to download the latest version of Net Deed Plotter®

Download Version 5.62 of Net Deed Plotter

(*NOTE:  Additional licenses, as mentioned above, must be ordered by the company for the employees.  The license(s) belong to the company, are to be maintained, activated & deactivated by the company, and are for use by the employees only while with that company.)

You can also order the license(s) by Phone at (304) 484-7034.