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Our Deed Plotter® software (latest release is Deed Plotter+ for Windows) has received so many reviews over the years that there is not sufficient space for the inclusion on this Web Site for all of them.

Publications in which our various versions of Deed Plotter has been reviewed include:

If you create legal descriptions that involve unusual highway curves, you may want to read an article written by Paul McClung, President of Greenbrier Graphics. This article was published in P.O.B. Magazine, Volume 16, Number 3 (1991).

(For more information about these reviews and articles, please contact us.)

NOTE:  Dr. Hively has published his new book "How to Plot Land Surveys: A Basic Primer for drawing deeds, surveys and other land descriptions".  Though not required by Deed Plotter users, this book will prove a good reference for the non-surveyor.



Software version 4.09, copyright 1999


Deed Plotter+ comes self-contained on a 3 1/2 floppy and printed manual.

Installation was very easy and straightforward. Hard Drive space required is minimal, just over 1 MB.

The "windows help," coupled with a printed manual is a huge plus. Whether one cares to follow 'on screen' help, or read from a printed page, both formats are provided. Deed Plotter+ for Windows Help has a number of fine attributes. First, when it opens, the entire file index fills the screen to be viewed at one glance.

The tutorial in the manual is straightforward and uncomplicated. Moving around within the various components of the program is carefully explained.

I input my "standard" test survey so quickly that I was surprised that it was completed as soon as it was. The software auto-computes acreage.

For printing, Deed Plotter+ has a very nice "Print Preview" feature that allows the user to see the entire page on screen before it is printed. This allows one to change scale, fiddle with the look of the page, or add other text documentation to get your printout just right the first time.

Multiple "connected-draft" surveys are possible from any existing tract corner.

Export files supports .DXF and .WMF for generic CAD or word processing Meta files. Both of these file extensions are industry standard: DXF for Auto-CAD and most other major CAD programs; WMF for "Windows Meta Format" - inclusion in text documents.

Deed Plotter+ files are proprietary and use a "DES" file extension. My comment here is pandemic of almost all survey plotting software. Most deed/survey software have their "own" file extensions, that are incompatible with generic or more popular file formats. Should one require import of a file produced with another program, this software does not allow for it.

Two superb features:

First, Deed Plotter+ has a "Conversion" sub-menu that has the ability to read and convert well-written text from a word processor deed description automatically into standard metes and bounds. If your deed or survey is described already and in computer text language, then "Deed Conversion" may be able to automatically read, convert and plot the tract. This is a very nice feature. Second, one that I particularly find neat. Many colonial or older deed descriptions are full of errors by transcription, due to the condition of the document (paper creases, age or water spots, faded text, etc.) or simply illegible. Deed Plotter+ has an "Analyze Tract" feature that may identify a faulty line call that affect closure, or look for lines that are too long or too short, or bearings that have transposed digits, are in the wrong quadrant or are reversed in direction. This feature becomes a computerized detective as to what may be wrong with the tract description and offers suggestions in descending priority as to what may be the culprit. Another very nice feature.

Editing of text, line, line types, colors, auto-line labeling, rotation of text, tract, and a host of other useful features are offered.

The printed manual has very nice sections on "Introduction to Surveying Principals" and "Fundamentals of Surveying Law." If you do much of this kind of work, or have more than passing interest on how it all works, the folks at Greenbrier Graphics™ have done a first-rate job with their documentation.

This is one software program that has "advanced features" that the novice may not require, but they don't get in the way, either. It allows for expanded possibilities as one's expertise, knowledge and requirements may expand.

The memory size of the program (about 1 MB) and the RAM requirement for usage (8 MB) make this a very good choice for laptop users and others who don't have, or don't care to use up a lot of RAM and hard drive space.

Altogether, Deed Plotter+ is a very fine deed/survey-plotting program.