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If a significantly defective deed call is present in a deed for a tract of land, the drawing will look strange, area will not be correct, and there will usually be an unacceptable error of closure.

It can be extremely difficult for even an experienced surveyor to solve these problems. You can imagine the difficulty a real estate professional who has no technical background in surveying would have.

Greenbrier Graphics has designed the more recent versions of Deed Plotter® to potentially look for errors that most likely are present in tracts that have poor closure. Transposed bearings and improper line length are two of several possibilities that can be investigated automatically

Let us show you how simple it may be to look for and possibly solve this problem.  (Note: Net Deed Plotter does not use the menu selection.  An Icon is now available.)  We will begin by showing you a tract (below) that obviously has a severe problem. Don't look at the suggested solution until you have tried to decide to see what is wrong with this tract.

As can be seen, this tract looks like spaghetti and the situation looks hopeless. The next view (below) shows the tract active and the menu option "Analyze Tract" ready for selection.

The next view (below) shows the program offering a suggestion (suggestion #1) as to what may be wrong with the drawing. You should not accept any suggestion until all suggestions have been observed.

In this case, suggestion #1 is the correct solution so we would now select the "Yes" option. When we do this, the map is drawn as shown below, and the correction (chord direction in this case) is automatically inserted in the curve editor.  It is possible that an apparently correct solution is incorrect.  You should look for other evidence the solution is correct.

Deed Plotter has solved a very difficult closure problem, and you have the drawing and data you needed.  Analyze Tract cannot solve all tracts, but it is worth the try if you cannot otherwise decide why a tract does not close.