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The Greenbrier Graphics® Deed Plotter® has become so accepted and popular that instructors of universities, colleges, community colleges, and continuing education demonstrate the features of our Deed Plotter as part of their curriculum. A partial list of schools that have and/or expose students to Deed Plotter includes:

University of Arkansas School of Law, Lewis and Clark Law School, University of Florida, University of Louisville, University of Maryland, Mississippi State University, North Carolina State University, Texas A & M, Bluefield State College, Virginia Tech, The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, and The Maritime Forest Ranger School in New Brunswick, Canada.

Deed Plotter is recommended in at least one formal college textbook. (See page 103 in the 3rd Edition of Legal Aspects of California Real Estate by Louis B. Hansotte, Attorney at Law.)

Deed Plotter is often a significant topic at seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada. Lawyers, bar associations, appraisers, title insurance underwriters, and many other professions often sponsor these events.

Mike Johnson, MAI in Casper, Wyoming, offers continuing education (C.E.) seminars throughout the United States. Various boards and associations that approve these seminars include those for: Appraisers, Assessors, Title Companies, Right-of-Way Associations, and Realtors. His students focus on the details of legal descriptions. Mike shows them how easily Deed Plotter can generate a map and data, even if the description is somewhat complicated.  Mike also sells Topo map software that works with Deed Plotter.

The actual use of Deed Plotter is so simple that the primary purpose of class instruction is to suggest it as a tool and to demonstrate its features.

Title companies, Farm Credit Services, Bureaus of Indian Affairs, Government agencies, and many others buy Deed Plotter in large volume.

Those who seek to market or publicize Deed Plotter are often members of the profession they wish to target.

All of these factors point to why the majority of our market comes from referrals or exposure by trusted institutions and professions. Within the community of real estate professionals, the Greenbrier Graphics Deed Plotter has become a household name. You can see why we seldom advertise. Until our loyal customers pointed out that our product name was used to divert sales to at least one competitor, we were content with a Web Site that was modest and discrete.